Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Trial and Error pt I

After a few months on my Japanese learning, I think I finally found the right formula that's best for me.  Notice I said ME.  This may not work for all.  It's not supposed to.  We're all different.  We process differently, we percieve differently, and our backgrounds which affect processing and perception are different.  So, here's what I did.  (I'll list the resources I used in another blog with an evaluation of how they worked for ME along with my own personal tips.)
  • I scoured the internet for resources.  Webpages, blogs, teaching sites, etc. 
  • I purchased, borrowed, and read instructional books.  Tons of books.
  • I watched anime and Japanese children's shows.  
  • I also listened to all kinds of Japanese music.  Japanese rap is amazingly similar to American rap.  The rock music though, totally different level of presentation than American and European rock.  My kids now like Gazette and Black Gene for the Next Scene alongside Rammstein and Linkin Park.
  • I wrote.  Everyday.  14-20 kana or kanji a day.  My poor wrists.
  • I started throwing words and phrases into my everyday speech/text.  My sister told me "Look, it's too early for your ninja crap!" LOL

What I did right (in my opinion)-I tried.  Everyday.  Reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  I also tried different methods and tools to help me along the way.

What I did wrong.  Wasted time on the wrong things.  Let me explain.  I'm an ADULT learning a language.  Instead of starting my learning on concepts and things taught by certain grades or randomly put together in a book, I should have focused on learning concepts and phrases that are meaningful to a 37 year old English teacher and mother of two.  I have a different set of vocabulary and phrases from a 20 year old chemistry student living at home.  Another thing I did wrong was not pay attention to the way things are written in their native Japanese.  Lot of Romanized versions in my notebooks.  Waste of time and paper.  Forgive me trees!

So, now that I've gone through all that the rest of this should be a breeze!  :)

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