Monday, March 31, 2014

Nihongo kudasai!

So as I've mentioned I'm relearning several languages at once. Insane, I agree. But I'm one of those sink or swim people. Spanish and Italian are giving me no issue.  Japanese is kicking my a**. Doushite?  Word order.  If I know the basic structure of a sentence the rest is vocabulary and conjugations. Es facile, no? Ie, chigaimasu! Nihongo wa muzikashi desu! I think I need to find a better partner to be honest. I've been watching shows and listening to music.  I attempted to locate a penpal but it's going soooo slowly.  However, I will not give up.  Just taking a minute to vent since it's too noisy to study while the man tears apart our bathroom...Mendokusai >.<  On a brighter note, my new kanji book arrived.  Hopefully it'll have more compounds or at least mnemonic devices to help remember the meaning, reading, how to write AND frequently seen compounds.  Maybe I'm too demanding. ._.  Mata ne.

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