Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where does it all go?

     Phew!  What an interesting few months it's been since my last post.  Lot has happened.  Currently I'm spending time in Connecticut with my family while the children are in Florida.  I'm enjoying the quiet.  I've been able to focus more on my UnBEADable business and writing again.  I finally sat down and figured out what it is I need and want to do and how I can accomplish these things.  My neuropathy still is a hinderance some days and my hair finally decided it wanted to grow back in the front.  (HUZZAH!) 
     I started to re-train myself how to read and write Japanese and began to learn how to draw beyond doodles and room schemes.  I have come to  realize I'm probably overly critical of my drawings and Bob Ross made painting look way too easy (my "happy little trees" dont look like his!)  I'm reducing the clutter in my life thanks to some tips from PINTEREST (which reminds me  I need to declutter some of my boards) and focusing on exercises that are going to strengthen the lungs as well as the rest of me.  :)  That's it for now.  Hopefully I'll focus and sit still long enough to start posting twice a month.

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