Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So every now and then my kids say something that leave  my mind blown and my mouth hanging to the floor.  Last night after launching my websites, my little one says:

              "Mom, I know how we can stay busy while you work on your designs."

I, of course stop what I'm doing and give her my FULL attention 'cuz this is gonna be good.
               "And how's that?"

She's a hand talker and she's excited so her hands start flying and she starts talking fast and says it all in one breath.  I'm semi dazed by this feat but I got it all. 

She says, "Make chore sticks like you did with the boredom sticks.  We pick a chore stick first and do it.  Then we do a boredom stick.  That should leave you with time to work in quiet and it keeps us from fighting and bothering you."

Mind BLOWN! 
This is the child who follows me into the bathroom and HATES to do chores.  However, I wanted to show her I was supportive of her ideas.  I told her to discuss it with her brother and see what he says.  He agreed. 
Mouth wide open.
But I'm ecstatic.  :)  Maybe I can get them to help me with my mini dining/craft room reno this evening without too much fuss.

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