Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creative Discipline

  Lately, an explosive Tasmanian devil and one of the 40 thieves have invaded my house.  *Pause*  The Tasmanian devil has AdHd and the 40 thief has Aspergers. *End Pause*  That being said, they've always been given extra leeway and flexible boundaries.  This is completely different from how I was raised by my strict, military father.  He said something one time and if you didn't move you better believe you were in for it.

  At Casa Durham we've been having issues with lying, bullying our siblings, explosive outbursts, throwing stuff, and tantrums.  Tantrums at 8.  God, save me.  The talking back and use of nasty words (shut up, no, what, growling) are also working a nerve.  I'm not a big spanker (although it is part of my arsenal when they push tooooooo far) but they are bout to get it for every little thing.  I'm that fed up.

   *Woosaaa*  So enter my stress induced insomnia and Pinterest. 

The calming jar.  Gives me and the Tasmanian devil some time apart.  She can take her aggression out on it by shaking it to death and watching the glitter fall.

Quickie command center.  I don't keep repeating the same stuff daily and they can see what's what.  In the middle we keep track of behavior so they know exactly where they are at.  The small board on the right tells them exactly what they are being evaluated on: 
 school/chore completion/attitude/behavior.

Close up of board.
Choices are a wonderful thing.  If they get bored after their half hour of electronics, they choose something from the "Bored no More" can.  So they don't do the same chores over and over, I put several on a stick in the "Chore" can.  The "Consequence" can works for the 40 thief. Not so much the Tasmanian devil. She ended up pulling 5 the other night!  The "Reward Jar" is for when they have a good day.   It has things like "skype a friend, extra TV time, stay up late," etc.  (Since this is a new system, daily rewards are working best.  Eventually I want to space it out to a week). 
  So far it's working.  I pray it continues to.  :)
What are you doing that works?

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